My MMs

2018-06-07T03:52:25+00:00 is a website with a very familiar brand. Visitors are treated to customized offerings of one of the most popular candies around, that are good for just about any holiday. The MyMMs team came to me and wanted guidance on their SEO efforts as well as insight into what they believed was a conversion [...]

Smithsonian Catalog


The Smithsonian is more than just a museum network, it's a full multimedia brand complete with cable television channel, catalog and eCommerce website. During their migration to Kibo's new eCommerce, my team was tasked with managing the full migration of their content including over 10,000 SKUs, their redirect strategy as well as the post launch [...]

JL Audio


JL Audio is a manufacturer of speakers and stereo equipment. They asked my department to provide a significant push with branded and unbranded traffic through paid media. We consulted on the keywords, bidding and budget, deliver beyond there expected Return-On-Ad-Spend. We continue to be a strategic and execution partner for their expansion into a direct-to-consumer [...]